Bulletin #12 of 2020 Change to Product Bulletin

  • 29 October, 2020

Bulletin #12 of 2020. October 29, 2020
Change to Product Bulletin
Newly Designed Neoprene Neck Dam

Products Affected: Neck Ring Assembly: 505-090, 505-119, 505-120, 505-093 Neck Ring Assembly, 27: 505-094, 505-100, 505-097, 505-104 Neck Ring Assembly, S.S.: 505-745, 505-746, 505-747, 505-749 Neck Dam, Neoprene, 27: 510-502, 510-504, 510-503, 510-687 Neck Dam, Neoprene: 510-627, 510-628, 510-629, 510-688

Stretch resistant material is laminated to the leading edge. This allows for more compression and better grip to the neck ring components (see above picture)

Innovative neoprene material gives a high degree of comfort combined with increased sealing abilities (see above picture)

Smooth inner lining increases comfort and ease of donning (see above picture)

The part number will remain the same and no change to associated procedures for maintenance is necessary.

Once the remaining stock of neck dams is depleted, Kirby Morgan will be installing these advanced neck dams on all production neck ring assemblies, helmets and spare neck dams purchased. The old style neck dam will no longer be available after the remaining stock is depleted.