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This is the website for all of your technical (diving) equipment requirements. We sell diving helmets, diving equipment, air control units, Launch And Recovery Systems, Decompression chambers and much more. We care for detail so all of our products have been made with care. We are working very hard to put all of our products online, currently not all of our products are online. If you are looking for something specific which you can’t find on our website please contact us, we will find what you need.

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Chasing M2 Drone

Chasing M2 ROV, professional underwater drone with 4K UHD camera. Price starting at € 2.999,- order now from Pommec (official dealer). Demo unit will be soon available. sales@pommec.com

Movie link: https://youtu.be/xkoDYSivKcI

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Full control in limited space > 15′ Control / Machinery Container

Pommec recently delivered four 15′ control / machinery containers. Although compact, these systems contains everything you need for the diving job at hand. This specific system is designed for two divers and contains our modular dive control, video, communication system, LP compressor, HP cylinder storage and even a wet compartment.

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Kirby Morgan Bulletin #3 of 2019

Kirby Morgan Bulletin #3 of 2019. Change to product bulletin. P/N 510-776 Exhaust Valve Color of Material Changed from clear to Black. The previous color was clear. There will be no change in part numbers. No change to associated procedures for maintenance of the valve are necessary.

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